Breakthrough Wealth Academy
Group Coaching Program
Ready to hit the reset button on your life with 8 weeks of clarity & action? 
  • Are you feeling disconnected with yourself or frustrated about your situation? 
  • Do you feel stuck or even simultaneously overwhelmed and underwhelmed by life? 
  • Have you been craving something more, but not sure what that actually looks like?
If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place!

I can't tell you how often people come to me feeling unfulfilled in their lives and work, and are struggling to breakthrough the mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial roadblocks standing in their way!

In fact, clients often share with me, "I've tried to make things work, but nothing seems to be changing." 

Sound familiar? 

Have you found yourself thinking....
  • This was supposed to make me happy, but it doesn’t...
  • This is not where I thought I'd be by now...
  • My life looks fine on the outside, but it feels wrong on the inside... 
  • I know there is something more or something different for me out there...
If so, then the Breakthrough Wealth Academy is just what you've been looking for!
No two journeys are exactly alike! Throughout this program, I'll help you get crystal clear on where you want to go and work with you to design a roadmap to help you get there! 

With your customized plan and resources in hand, you'll be equipped and empowered to take accelerated action towards creating the life of impact, freedom, and fulfillment YOU WANT!
  •  DEEP-DIVE SESSION: (1) 75-Min Private Call to create your Personalized Strategy + Action Plan 
  • WEEKLY LIVE SESSIONS: (8) 90-MIN coaching calls to guide you through each weekly theme and assignments
  • TRAINING PORTAL: Get support for your growth in the seven key areas with exclusive materials  & recordings
  • Bonus 1: DAILY JOURNAL PROMPTS: Inspirational prompts to help you begin or cultivate the habit of journaling
  • Bonus 2: PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP: Stay connected and accountable with the support of your peers 
  • Bonus 3: VIP EMAIL SUPPORT: Get answers to your questions, or share successes or challenges in between sessions
  • ​This is for you if you are tired of feeling stuck and ready to see some traction towards the goals you've set for yourself  
  •  This is for you if are tired of spinning your wheels or getting caught in patterns of over-committing, procrastination, analysis paralysis, or fear of failure that won't let you step into the arenas you know you're meant to be in
  • ​ This is for you if you are tired of playing small and dimming your light, and are ready to play a bigger game and create massive impact
  • ​This is for you if you are ready to experience transformation using proven techniques and frameworks to uncover the mental and emotional blocks keeping you from live the life you desire
  • ​This is for you if you know you need to invest in yourself and your dreams to create the life of freedom, impact, and fulfilment you've been longing for  
In a nutshell, this program offers the coaching, tools and strategy to help you get clear on who you are, and what you really want, so you can begin shifting your big dreams into reality!
Take a moment to imagine what's possible for you when you join me inside of the Academy...
  • You can finally stop spinning your wheels and get laser-focused and achieve your goals
  • ​You can finally stop the feelings overwhelm and overcome the paralysis that it causes 
  • ​You can finally stop letting your life pass you by and start taking deliberate action towards creating the life you really want
  • You can finally stop questioning your choices, or letting others’ negativity cause you to doubt yourself or distract you from pursuing the dreams you believe are possible for youself. 
  • ​You can finally stand in the fullness of who you are, unapologetically, creating positive impact everywhere you go, and building the life of fulfilment you truly desire
Ready to finally breakthrough and make success a 
non-negotiable for you? 
About Sabine
Serving ambitious, mission-driven leaders, looking to gain clarity, create a strategy, and experience transformation in their personal life, career, or business!
As a Transformational Coach & Business Consultant, I offer services in the areas of Career Transition, Personal Development, and Business Start-up Consulting to ambitious, mission-driven professionals.
With a deep desire to help others grow, develop, and live out the true purpose of their lives, we offer, group and individual coaching programs, specifically designed to help my ambitious high-achieving clients gain clarity, develop a strategy, maneuver through their life transitions, and ultimately experience transformation in either their lives, careers, and/or business. 
I believe that we are all created with a God-given purpose at birth, and this journey called life is supposed to lead us to that purpose. This means, all the experiences we face (both personal & professional), all the people we meet, and the places we go, are strategically put before us so that we can end up exactly where we were meant to be. 
My clients breakthrough barriers, chart plans for stepping into purposeful careers, lives and businesses, while creating wealth and freedom for themselves and their families.
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