Breakthrough Wealth Intensive
VIP Coaching Program
Are you tired of feeling ashamed for wanting more out of life and making a bigger impact? 

Are you tired of apologizing for your success or desire to be successful?

Are you ready to finally up-level your life, career, or business and boldly breakthrough every limitation and ceiling that has held you back? 
If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place!

I can't tell you how often leaders come to me feeling unfulfilled in their lives and work, and are struggling to breakthrough the mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial roadblocks standing in their way!

In fact, clients often share with me, "I've tried to make things work, but nothing seems to be changing." 

Sound familiar? 

Have you been....
  • ​spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to get to the next level of your career; tirelessly going after roles you're not sure you qualify for or even want in the first place?
  • ​trying to maintain your "super powers" by being everything to everyone, neglecting your own goals and aspirations, and feeling unsupported and unfulfilled?
  • ​vehemently trying to push away your fears of failure and disappointment should things “not work out” as planned, while also feeling completely lost and overwhelmed at the thought of starting over? 
If so, then the BW Intensive Program is just what you've been looking for!
This Personalized Coaching Program is designed to address your specific goals around creating fulfillment in every area of your life. It is specifically designed to help you begin experiencing breakthroughs in your life, career, and business!
  • ​(12) 60-minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions to help you address, target, and build a plan to help shift and transform your life, career, or business.
  • ​ Detailed Strategy and Personalized Roadmap to guide you along your journey 
  • ​ Exclusive Materials such as workbooks, PDFs, and more so that you have the tools you need to dive deep into problem areas
  • Bonus 1: 90 Day Plan to help keep you in a place of forward momentum once the program ends
  • Bonus 2: (3) 30-minute 1:1 Check-ins post program completion    
  • Bonus 3: VIP Email Support: Get answers to your questions, or share successes or challenges in between sessions 
  • ​This is for you if you are an ambitious, mission-driven leader, (corporate professional, entrepreneur, business owner, ministry leader, or nonprofit director) desiring to play a bigger game and create massive impact
  • This is for you if you are ready to up-level your leadership skills and take your life, career or business to the next level
  • ​This is for you if you are ready to experience transformation in one specific area using proven techniques and frameworks to uncover the mental and emotional blocks keeping you from live the life you desire
  • ​This is for you if you are tired of playing small and dimming your light, so that others feel more comfortable and accepting of who you are and who you're becoming
  • ​This is for you if you know you need to invest in yourself and your dreams to create the life of freedom, impact, wealth, you desire for yourself and loved ones  
In a nutshell, this program is for you if you're ready to own the fullness of your power and God-given purpose and are 100% committed to the transformation process to help you get where you want to go!
Take a moment to imagine what's possible for you when you join me inside of BW Intensive...
  • What would life be like if you could actually put yourself first, valuing your time, expertise, unique skills and abilities...and getting others to do the same?
  • What would life be like if you could confidently give yourself permission to succeed and express your greatness
  • ​What would life be like if you could grow your career or business to levels that would allow you the flexibility and financial freedom to serve those nearest to your heart
  • ​What would life be like if you could stand in the fullness of who you are, unapologetically, creating positive impact everywhere you go, and building a legacy you and your loved ones can be proud of?
  • ​What would life be like if at the end of it all, you can look back and genuinely smile and be at peace with all that you've accomplished, and the many ways you were able to serve others in an impactful way?
You truly can have it all! 
Ready to finally breakthrough and make success be a non-negotiable for you? 

Click the button below to get started!
Gain the confidence and strategy you need to succeed in EVERY area of your life!
About Sabine
Serving ambitious, mission-driven leaders, looking to gain clarity, create a strategy, and experience transformation in their personal life, career, or business!
Sabine Gedeon is the founder of Empowered By Purpose, LLC and serves as the CTO (Chief Transformation Officer).  
With a deep desire to find and live out her own life's purpose, Sabine began her journey to transformation back in 2007, and has since helped countless other ambitious, mission-driven professionals do the same. Led by her strong faith in God, Sabine left her 13-year corporate career in HR in 2018 and stepped into entrepreneurship full-time.  
Her passion to helping others grow, develop, and live out the true purpose of their lives, has led her to create, group and individual coaching programs, specifically designed to help her ambitious, high-achieving clients go from feeling stuck, unfulfilled, and undervalued  in their personal lives, careers and/or businesses to gaining freedom, finding fulfillment, and increasing their impact on others.   
Empowered By Purpose, LLC is a Certified Woman-Owned Business (WOSB) and offers services in the areas of Career Transition, Personal Development, Human Resources, and Business Start-up Consulting for ambitious, mission-driven professionals.  
Through strategic, laser-focused coaching and consulting, clients are able to breakthrough barriers, chart plans for stepping into purposeful careers, lives and businesses, while creating impact, freedom and wealth and for themselves and their communities. 
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